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“David established a very strong rapport with dealers both large and small over the years. He became a valuable partner assisting them in managing their business. No doubt, this musical instrument retails sales experience gave him keen insight into the needs of the dealers and their employees. David’s enthusiasm and love of music and musical instruments is evident to all who meet him. He is extremely talented both technically and musically. David is well known for this well put together and delivered presentations and new concepts. He has spent countless hours teaching the dealers and their staff the products features and operations. David is always willing to take on extra responsibility and go the extra mile to get things accomplished. He is an enthusiastic collaborator and successful in creating and implementing many successful dealer promotions. On a separate note, I always enjoy David’s dry sense of humor and upbeat and positive attitude. He is an asset to any organization.”

Chris Bristol

Past Chairman, President, and CEO, Roland Corp US

“After more than 23 years working with David Holloway, he’s become much more than just a sales representative – he has become a trusted friend and an important partner for Sweetwater. David is always ready with a solution, he knows or can find the answers to questions, and he always represents his lines with complete professionalism. Technically, he knows his brands and products very well and I appreciate that he always finds creative and honest ways to make sure they are a good fit for our company and customers. He is constantly working to ensure success both for his brands and for my company, which is why the brands he represents have a decades-long history of being among the fastest growing and the biggest sellers at Sweetwater. For David it is not about selling products into Sweetwater, but rather, making sure that all my Sales Engineers know his products very well and enthusiastically want to sell them. David has been great at developing professional and personal relationships with virtually every department and every person in my company. We all like him and trust him! With his outstanding track record, David has proven himself to be the best of the best and why Sweetwater will support any line that David represents. If you have any questions about David’s ability or success at Sweetwater, I strongly encourage you to contact me. I’d love to tell you more.”

Chuck Surack

Founder & CEO, Sweetwater

“David Holloway is a seasoned professional. He has always shown extraordinary attention to details – and that makes a huge difference in dealer and customer satisfaction. He knows his products, his dealers and his customers. It doesn’t get much better than that!”

Dennis Houlihan

Past President and CEO, Roland Corporation U.S.

Amanda Price

Office Admin / Key Account Admin

Chris Frankhauser

Office Admin / Key Account Admin

David Holloway

Key Accounts

Gary Zandstra

W PA, OH, WV, and KY

Jeff Welch

Technical Support

Paul Alfery

Inside Sales

Valerie Holloway


Will Holloway

Warehouse Manager